What is OCR?

Can I do that? I survived it! I thought I was dying, but I survived! Just need to believe, it will end! I got to the finish line, I won myself!

Overcoming Yourself – It is the ultimate goal of a competitor in OCR. OCR, Obstacle Course Race is a competition in which a participant must overcome various physical and psychological challenges along the way. Challenges can be natural or built-in obstacles – high or cramped places, unbearable heat or cold, differently tough or scary places. Obstacles typically include climbing, crawling, carrying heavy objects, moving in cold water or mud, barbed wire, electricity or fire.

Events provide a chance for a safe risk taking that requires real physical and psychological effort to survive. At best, the events are so hard that even the most competitive participants feel themselves victorious if they survive to the finish. The motives of the participants are different: one participates to win, the other to challenge itself and the third is for the fun.

OCR sport have grown popular over the past few years. According to the Obstacle Race World website, in 2015 OCR events were organized  in more than 40 countries and they collected five million participants. These events are one of the fastest growing sectors of the sports industry.

Why is OCR so popular? Living in today’s hectic rhythm is challenging in its own way, but it lacks the struggle of survival. However, for most of us, there is a need to test our own limits. The OCR is not just physically hard but ultimately tests psychological endurance. The races are physically extremely hard, but the various obstacles force you to face your own fears. One fears high places, the other suffers from claustrophobia, for some cold goes to the bones. Where can I find the strength to go on when I feel there’s none left? And then, nothing feels more satisfying than the feeling after the long struggle with yourself, and finally realizing you have crossed the finish line.

OCR competitions around the world:

OCR Euroopan mestaruuskilpailut

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Tough Mudder

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Warrior Dash


OCR in Finland:

Winter Warrior Finland


Tough Viking

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