Snow Fun Safaris

Snow Fun Safaris arrange interesting program and here are a few suggestions for Winter Warrior participants and their co-travellers. After recovering from the race and the evening party why not try a snowmobile adventure for example.

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Snow what?

This safari is the most suitable one for first-timers and families, as an introduction into the mysteries of snowmobiling and the enchanting Lapland scenery. Having mastered the safety and driving instructions, we set off for a gentle cruise covering about 20 kilometers, stopping on the way for a hot drink and a doughnut in a warm Lappish teepee, kota.
Duration: 2 hours / 20 km
Price: 75 € / adult (sharing snowmobile), 110 € / adult (single driving), 45 € / child (4-14 yrs, min 150 cm tall) on the snowmobile and 25 € / child (4-14 yrs) on sleigh.
Minimum: 2 snowmobiles

Ylläs 718

Heading first for Ylläsjärvi village along a snowmobile route, we then climb a good four hundred meters from the ski center on the south side of Ylläs Fell to the top in one exhilarating dash. Before heading down the north side back to Äkäslompolo village, we stop for coffee in traditional log restaurant Kammi and admire breathtaking views of nearby fells.
We recommend this trip for people with a taste for speed and magnificent scenery.
Duration: 2,5 hours / 35km
Price: 120 € / adult (sharing snowmobile) and 120 € / adult (single driving).
Minimum: 2 snowmobiles

National park & Kellostapuli

Snowshoe walking is a great way of exploring the winter landscape and an excellent exercise. Our trek takes us about 8 kilometers through the fells starting from the Kellokas Nature Centre and heading towards the top of Kellostapuli. Here we are first informed about what we will be seeing.
During the trek, our guide will point out things of interest such as animal tracks and snow formations and be ready to answer any questions that might come up.
Duration: 4 hours
Price: 65 € / adult and 45,50 € / child (4-12 yrs, recommended min age 8 yrs).
Minimum: 4 persons

Snowmobile safaris and Snow shoe trek can be organized any day.

Reindeer safari and Husky sleigh ride may also be possible depending on weather conditions.

Reindeer safari by Hannu (Sun 13:30, Tue 14:00 & Thu 13:30)

We drive by car about twenty minutes to Hyyverova, where Hannu with his reindeer is already waiting for us. After all the reindeer are harnessed, we sit in sleighs under reindeer skins and head into the snow covered pine forest for a four kilometers long reindeer sleigh ride. After a half an hour we will come back and head to a warm kota building. Hot coffee and homemade berry juice wait for us in a Lappish teepee. Having lived his whole life with the reindeer, Hannu tells us about reindeer herding and breeding and will answer all our questions about reindeer.
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 140 € / adult and 94,50 € / child (4-12 yrs).
Minimum: 4 persons

Husky farm visit and sleigh ride (Wed & Fri 12:00)

At our destination, the Ylläs Husky farm, the husky guide will introduce us to the hundred Alaskan and Siberian huskies. When we are familiar with the customs and habits of the dogs, we take part in a 9 kilometer husky sleigh safari. Every adult participant can steer the sleigh. After the trip we drink coffee in Lapp teepee with the husky farm guides, where they will tell us a lot more about the interesting life of a musher.
Duration: 2,5 hours
Price: 145 € / adult (sharing husky-sleigh) and 98 € / child (4-12 yrs).
Minimum: 4 persons

Additional information and bookings: +358 (0)50 589 2223,
It is advised to book safaris one day in advance to guarantee availability.
Snow Fun Safaris Lapland Ltd reserves right to change the program should weather conditions or safety so require.