Race series introductions

The race consists of three different series from which you can pick the one that suits you best. You can complete the challenge solo or as a group, and do it running or walking. This means that you should choose the series based on your own goals and intentions. To ease the choise, we have created introductions of all the series. Pick your own and sign up!

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Warrior squad

The warrior squad is the competition.  We recommend the warrior series, if you are seriously competing, you want to run hard and don’t hesitate to conquer the obstacles. As a rule, all obstacles must be carried out in a manner that is accepted or face the penalty. In this one you will get to enjoy the full Adventure and grind the true warrior spirit out of you!

Team competition

Team competition is for teams with a minimum of two (2) participants. Teams can consist of both men and women and the race is perfect for company groups as well. Each team races together as one group and receives a single time at the finish line.

In team competition, team spirit is the most important thing, meaning that fellow members are never left behind. Note that contrary to previous years, the rules have been altered so that on some obstacles it’s enough that one member of the team makes it. For example at the I Scream Tunnel one person daring to swim is enough. However, in the heat of the competition, as the crowd is cheering, many have surprised themselves. Also in team competition all those who make it across the finish line are rewarded with glorious medals.

Challenge series

Challenge series also known as Winter Warrior Challenge is a fun way to challenge yourself either alone or as a group. Challenge series is all about enjoying the outdoor exercise in breathtaking scenery, and having a crack at different obstacles along the way. Performing the obstacles is completely voluntary and there are no penalties for skipping them. This means that you can happily bypass the both feared and loved I Scream Tunnel and keep your clothes dry – if you want to.

In the Winter Warrior Challenge you can take a shorter track skipping the weary conquering of the fell Kesänki. The shourt course length is about 10 km. The challenge is not a competition: everyone can set their own goal for the track. For example the goal can be to perform as many obstacles as possible, have a playful competition among friends or simply get to experience the atmosphere and walk through the course. The deep snow makes bare hiking really heavy in certain places but you don’t have to be an athlete to complete the course. All in all the challenge series is suitable for everyone!

Winter Warrior with a company group:

Gather a team of collegues or challenge your customers and partners to enjoy the wonderful scenery and unforgettable experience in the winter obstacle race. You can participate in the team competition or the more relaxed Winter Warrior Challenge. This warm spirited race is perfect for building up team spirit. Is is also a lot of fun for spectators so not all have to participate. Make a fun weekend out of it by taking advantage of other fun things to do at Ylläs – snowmobile safari or a visit to Snow Village, for example.

Participation fees can be invoiced from companies and it is also possible to support participation by paying part of the fees. Contact us by email info@winterwarrior.fi.