Winter Warrior Finland is the toughest obstacle course race in the northern universe. Put your physical and mental strength to a real test with 25 kilometers of obstacles, immersing snow and freezing water. Race through ice and snow and enjoy the most amazing Finnish landscape and the freshest air in the World.

This arctic race gives a nice refreshing breeze to swiftly growing Obstacle Course Racing scene. In this unique race, the hardest obstacle is the nature. There is running in deep snow, crawling in snow tunnels, climbing on ropes and of course diving in to the hole in the ice.

Race Course

The route is going to be somewhere and will be challenging.

There are also various climbing and creeping obstacles along the route. It will be challenging also for the experienced athletes.

Race series

The race consists of three different series from which you can pick the one that suits you best. You can complete the challenge solo or as a group, and do it running or walking. This means that you should choose the series based on your own goals and intentions. To ease the choise, we have created introductions of all the series. Pick your own and sign up!

The warrior squad is the competition.  We recommend the warrior series, if you are seriously competing, you want to run hard and don’t hesitate to conquer the obstacles. As a rule, all obstacles must be carried out in a manner that is accepted or face the penalty. In this one you will get to enjoy the full Adventure and grind the true warrior spirit out of you!

Challenge series also known as Winter Warrior Challenge is a fun way to challenge yourself either alone or as a group. Challenge series is all about enjoying the outdoor exercise in breathtaking scenery, and having a crack at different obstacles along the way. Performing the obstacles is completely voluntary and there are no penalties for skipping them. This means that you can happily bypass the both feared and loved I Scream Tunnel and keep your clothes dry – if you want to.

In the Winter Warrior Challenge you can take a shorter track skipping the weary conquering of the fell Kesänki. (Devils path) The shourt course length is about 10 km. The challenge is not a competition: everyone can set their own goal for the track. For example the goal can be to perform as many obstacles as possible, have a playful competition among friends or simply get to experience the atmosphere and walk through the course. The deep snow makes bare hiking really heavy in certain places but you don’t have to be an athlete to complete the course. All in all the challenge series is suitable for everyone!

Team competition is for teams with a minimum of two (2) participants. Teams can consist of both men and women and the race is perfect for company groups as well. Each team races together as one group and receives a single time at the finish line.

In team competition, team spirit is the most important thing, meaning that fellow members are never left behind. Note that contrary to previous years, the rules have been altered so that on some obstacles it’s enough that one member of the team makes it. For example at the I Scream Tunnel one person daring to swim is enough. However, in the heat of the competition, as the crowd is cheering, many have surprised themselves. Also in team competition all those who make it across the finish line are rewarded with glorious medals.

For the company group:

Gather a team of collegues or challenge your customers and partners to enjoy the wonderful scenery and unforgettable experience in the winter obstacle race. You can participate in the team competition or the more relaxed Winter Warrior Challenge. This warm spirited race is perfect for building up team spirit. Is is also a lot of fun for spectators so not all have to participate. Make a fun weekend out of it by taking advantage of other fun things to do at Ylläs – snowmobile safari or a visit to Snow Village, for example.

Participation fees can be invoiced from companies and it is also possible to support participation by paying part of the fees. Contact us by email

Gear and clothing

Winter Warrior Finland will be run on the ice and snowy forests, on the way there is water and windy places. All fabrics should be technical material that will dry quickly and breathe well, know your own pace and dress yourself accordingly. The faster you plan to run it the less you need windproof layers. The pants should be slightly thicker on the shins because the snow crust in some places can be really hard and sharp. Swimsuit is good to wear under running clothes, even if the leaders are likely to run clothes on through the water obstacles, be prepared to take off your over layers before the obstacles where you get completely wet.

In the middle of the route there’s a service point. You will pass this point twice, first after approx. 6 km and then 9 km. The service point has a drop bag possibility. Just write your race number to a bag and give it to the info desk at the starting area before the start.

It is a good idea to have a shoes that support the ankle, but any fell or offroad running shoes are ok. Also gaiters are recommended. Shoes must not have studs or spikes, as they are in confined spaces dangerous to other runners.

We recommend using gloves and neoprene gloves are good here, they are also warm when they are wet. If you are planning to go slow, also some warmer gloves are good. Rope burns are nasty and on the other hand snow and ice can be very sharp, so use gloves.

You can carry your own food and water but make sure to carry all trash like any empty energy packs out! Littering is strictly forbidden! We will arrange some kind of garbage bin to some obstacles for you to leave your trash there. We are in a beautiful nature and we need to respect it.

Have a set of dry clothes in the finish waiting for you. Switching to dry clothes is very important after the race as you are losing heat when your clothes dry and you are not moving anymore.

All extra gadgets are to be accepted by the organizers. You can carry your phone and other things with you, but on your own risk. If you lose or they break them, it’s your own fault. Remember this is a running competition so all equipment like snowshoes and skis are forbidden, so please do not ask this again ;D

If you have any questions feel free to ask, by email, Facebook or give us a call.

What is OCR?

Overcoming Yourself – It is the ultimate goal of a competitor in OCR

OCR Obstacle Course Race is a competition in which a participant must overcome various physical and psychological challenges along the way. Challenges can be natural or built-in obstacles – high or cramped places, unbearable heat or cold, differently tough or scary places. Obstacles typically include climbing, crawling, carrying heavy objects, moving in cold water or mud, barbed wire, electricity or fire.

Events provide a chance for a safe risk taking that requires real physical and psychological effort to survive. At best, the events are so hard that even the most competitive participants feel themselves victorious if they survive to the finish. The motives of the participants are different: one participates to win, the other to challenge itself and the third is for the fun.

OCR sport have grown popular over the past few years. According to the Obstacle Race World website, in 2015 OCR events were organized  in more than 40 countries and they collected five million participants. These events are one of the fastest growing sectors of the sports industry

Living in today’s hectic rhythm is challenging in its own way, but it lacks the struggle of survival. However, for most of us, there is a need to test our own limits. The OCR is not just physically hard but ultimately tests psychological endurance. The races are physically extremely hard, but the various obstacles force you to face your own fears. One fears high places, the other suffers from claustrophobia, for some cold goes to the bones. Where can I find the strength to go on when I feel there’s none left? And then, nothing feels more satisfying than the feeling after the long struggle with yourself, and finally realizing you have crossed the finish line.