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Winter Warrior ® Finland 

Winter Warrior Finland is organized at Ylläs for the third time 28.3.2020. It is definately the toughest obstacle course race above the Arctic Circle. Test you physical and mental strength with 15 kilometers of obstacles, immersing snow and freezing water. Race from summit to summit and enjoy the most amazing scenery and the freshest air in Europe.

See pictures and results from 2019 race.

Winter Warrior Finland is a very demanding OCR and the course is challenging also for experienced races. The race is intended for athletes who are serious about testing their physical and psychological limits. There are three competition squads: Warrior squad, race squad and team competition. The race course is 15 km long and all obstacles or punishments defined per obstacle must be performed accurately. The time for each participant or team is measured and the best racers and the best team are rewarded. The fastest runner of each participating country is rewarded as flag-bearer. There will be a finisher medal for all runners that successfully complete the full race course.

In addition to the race squads there is a more relaxed Winter Warrior Challenge. The challenge is intended for those who want to challenge themselves alone or as a group but are not interested in competing or else want to take it a bit less serious. Winter Warrior Challenge course is shorter skipping the weary conquering of the fell Kesänki. The course length is about 10 km. There will be no timing or prizes. Except for the Kesänki tour, the course and the obstacles are the same. The participants face the same demanding obstacles but in the challenge squead the completion is always optional.