Race course

Race center is located close to Ylläs ski resort at Visitor Center Kellokas

Winter Warrior route
Winter Warrior route

Experience the toughest obstacle course race above arctic circle, 15 kilometers of obstacles, immersing snow and freezing water. Race from summit to summit on the arctic fells of national park. Put your mental and physical strength to a real test. And enjoy the most amazing scenery and the freshest air in Europe!

The route begins behind the Kellokas Visitor Center in deep snow and heads towards the top of mountain Kellostapuli. At Kesänkijärvi, the racer get the first contact with icy water before going up on the Devils path to the top of mountain Kesäkitunturi. There are also various climbing and creeping obstacles along the route. It will be challenging also for the experienced athletes.

Winter Warrior Challenge course is shorter skipping the weary conquering of the fell Kesänki. The course length is about 10 km.

Race video 2019

Race video 2018

Here are some pictures from the Winter Warrior Finland 2018.

This is the start line! We are doing a mass start. There’s snow enough for everyone!

This is the view from the start line and that’s the first obstacle.

There was 1 meter of snow at the start.

This is the Kellostapuli.

After a climb you’ll reach the top of Kellostapuli mountain.

Descents can be fun!

Remember that you are in the wild! There are angry birds! 😉

Ice Scream Tunnel! Say now more… 😉


After a nice swim, you will climb to the Kesänki through the Devils climb!


After a long hard climb you’ll reach the top of the Kesänki mountain and the beautiful views opens once again.

After seeing these georgeus views you will be smiling as wide as you can! There amazingly your strength recovers.

Downhill will be fun but VERY steep!!

Have you ever tried running on ice cubes?

And jumping over long log fires…

Then you’ll get to ropes and other fun..

Also there will be some digging to do

After a long and hard run with all the climbs, crawls, ropes and dives  you couldn’t be more relieved and happy to see our finish line at the  Kellokas visitor centre. 🙂

after everything you can stay here and enjoy other activities like skiing, cross country skiing, snow mobiles and Fat biking on lakes and mountains. It’ll be FUN!