Gear and clothing

1. Clothing
Winter Warrior Finland will be run on the snowy fells and -forests, on the way there is water and windy places. All fabrics should be technical material that will dry quickly and breathe well, know your own pace and dress yourself accordingly. The faster you plan to run it the less you need windproof layers. The pants should be slightly thicker on the shins because the snow crust in some places can be really hard and sharp. Swimsuit is good to wear under running clothes, even if the leaders are likely to run clothes on through the water obstacles, be prepared to take off your over layers before the obstacles where you get completely wet.

2. Drop Bag and service point
In the middle of the route there’s a service point. You will pass this point twice, first after approx. 6 km and then 9 km. The service point has a drop bag possibility. Just write your race number to a bag and give it to the info desk at the starting area before the start. We will deliver it to the service point at kesänki lake. In Winter Warrior Challenge you will pass it only once.

3. Shoes
It is a good idea to have a shoes that support the ankle, but any fell or offroad running shoes are ok. Also gaiters are recommended. Shoes must not have studs or spikes, as they are in confined spaces dangerous to other runners.

4. Gloves
We recommend using gloves and neoprene gloves are good here, they are also warm when they are wet. If you are planning to go slow, also some warmer gloves are good. Rope burns are nasty and on the other hand snow and ice can be very sharp, so use gloves.

5. Garbage
You can carry your own food and water but make sure to carry all trash like any empty energy packs out! Littering is strictly forbidden! We will arrange some kind of garbage bin to some obstacles for you to leave your trash there. We are in national park and we need to respect it.

6. After the competition
Although in the finish area there is a comfortable tent sauna hot waiting for wet competitors, Have a set of dry clothes in the finish waiting for you. Switching to dry clothes is very important after the race as you are losing heat when your clothes dry and you are not moving anymore.

7. Extra notice
All extra gadgets are to be accepted by the organizers. You can carry your phone and other things with you, but on your own risk. If you lose or they break them, it’s your own fault. Remember this is a running competition so all equipment like snowshoes and skis are forbidden, so please do not ask this again ;D

If you have any questions feel free to ask, by email, Facebook or give us a call.