Wear winter running clothes. Also a swimming suit is recommended under if you do not want to run half the competition in wet clothes. You should wear gloves to prevent the ropes burns and the ice cutting your hand. read more here: gear and clothing
No. Of course, you can take a backpack, but there is a 2 service points on the way, and if you want, drop bag will be delivered there.
Offroad running shoes or some others that are good at cross-country and offroad run. Don’t wear normal sneakers, but also the boots good. spikes and studs must not be for safety reasons.

No It’s not! It’s cold!

The service point has a tent where you can warm up and dry yourself during the race.

Run harder and do more work, 100 pushups will help to help if it’s too cold. Remember also to take care of your energy.

Yes, but  there will be a penalty that will definitely slow down more than doing an obstacle or even attempting. In the Warrior squad mostly all obstacles must be completed successfully. In a team competition, any member of the team can help or and in some obstacles it is enough that one team member does it. For Challenge Squad obstacles are optional and there are no penalties.

The route is marked well in the forest. If you find that no one has gone here yet and you are not the first competitor, turn back your own steps and go back to the previous obstacle. Even if you are the first one you should see route tapes.

Before the race there is a mandatory competitor info the duration is 30 min. Here we go through security issues and everyone must attend. For teams is enough if one has participated in this. All participant will get info about he schedule by email

At the registration. All participants will get more info by email

Enjoy nice spring hole in the ice swims.