Company teams

Welcome to join the event as a company team!

Race start

Gather a team of collegues or challenge your customers and partners to enjoy the wonderful scenery and unforgettable experience in the winter obstacle race. You can participate in the team competition or the more relaxed Winter Warrior Challenge.

This warm spirited race is perfect for building up team spirit. Is is also a lot of fun for spectators so not all have to participate. Make a fun weekend out of it by taking advantage of other fun things to do at Ylläs – snowmobile safari or a visit to Snow Village, for example.

Team competition

Team competition is for teams of minimum of three (3) participants. Each teams races together as a team and will get one time at the finish line. In the team competition the team is the most important thing, and team members are never left behind. There are also some obstacles where it is enough that one member of the team makes it. The best team will be awarded, not necessarily the fastest.

Winter Warrior Challenge

Winter Warrior Challenge course is shorter skipping the weary conquering of the fell Kesänki. The course length is about 10 km. There will be no timing or prizes. Except for the Kesänki tour, the course and the obstacles are the same. The participants face the same demanding obstacles but in the challenge squead the completion is always optional.

How to enter?

Participation fees can be invoiced from companies and it is also possible to support participation by paying part of the fees. Contact us by email

Racers crawling