Lee Bowmaker takes on the Winter Warrior challenge for a special cause

Lee Bowmaker is dad of a four-year-old special boy from England. His son Ashton has global developmental delay and has difficulties with communication. He also can’t have any liquids through his mouth – he is given fluids through a tummy peg. In September he has joined Woodlawn School where he has made big progress and his parents are very happy they are now able to communicate better with their son.

Lee wanted to do something to help the school so he decided to take on this crazy winter challenge to raise funds. We were touched to hear the story and asked him a few questions.

How would you introduce your self?

My name is Lee, I’m 34 and come from Newcastle England.

Have you been to many OCR races before?

Yeah a few, I mostly run trail and fell but have done some OCR all be it in warmer weather than yours!

What made you decide to travel to Lapland and take part in Winter Warrior challenge?

Myself and a few friends decided to go for a different challenge. And for me it was an opportunity to do something hard and raise some funds for my sons school.

How did you hear about Winter Warrior Finland?

My friend Graeme is always looking out for new and interesting things to do so he spotted it.

What are yout thoughts about the upcoming race? 

The race itself not really nervous but very worried about how I’ll perform in such cold weather, it’s not really something I can train for over here in England. I guess we’ll find out on the 28th of March haha!

Have you ever tried to run in deep snow or dip in to icy water before?

No never been and never ran in snow. Coldest water I’ve been in was the North Sea, but it’s not Icy!

Tell us a few words about your son. Does he like sports?

He loves to be involved in everything socially, but Ashton has Global Development Delay which one of the things effected is balance so he not aways able to join in. He like a little fish in the water though!! Loves to swim!

You are doing this to raise funds for the school that helped your son. How has it worked?

The response so far has been fantastic. His school definitely deserves all the support it can get! It cares for kids with a wide ranges of disabilities both mental and physical, and the change in my son since he started last September just shows how effective this school is.

If someone wants to make a donation, how can they do that?

Any donations will be greatly appreciated, thank you very much! Link to the fundraise

Lee and Ashton

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