Tips for the audience of Winter Warrior Finland

Competition is also fun for the audience. Here are the best locations to follow the race

1. Start at 10am – Visitor Center Kellokas
Race starts behind Visitor Center Kellokas. In front of the Visitor Center you can ask for viewing tips and grab the map.

2. 45min – 2 hours from the start – Crawling in a snowmaze
Snow maze can be seen from the skiing track.

3. 1 – 2,5 from the start – The east end of lake Kesänkijärvi
In front of cafe Kesänkikeidas there is the “I Scream tunnel”. Racers will jump into the icy water. By the fireplace the school parents association is selling refreshments.

4. Crossing the lake Kesänkijärvi
There are several obstacles on the way. Remember to stay on the marked track because there are very dangerous holes under the snow!

5. Crossing of skiing track and winter trail behind Kellokas
On the trail from the lake to the Visitor Center there are obstacles made of ropes. Come to see how the racers manage to traverse on ropes.

1. 2 – 6 pm – The goal
The weather conditions affect the race time a lot. Come to see the last obstacles at race center and cheers the brave racers.

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