Exotic OCR in Finnish Lapland

Winter Warrior Finland 2019 was great success. Thanks to all racers, volunteers and partners for making it a wonderful experience to all!

Race video 2019

Winter Warrior Finland 6.4.2019 results


More pictures and race video still to come!!!


Running in deep snow and ice swimming in Pallas-Ylläs National Park in Lapland. What is it all about?

I Scream Tunnel - Photo by Poppis Suomela
I Scream Tunnel – Photo by Poppis Suomela

Winter Warrior Finland is the toughest obstacle course race above the Arctic Circle. Put your physical and mental strength to a real test with 13 kilometers of obstacles, immersing snow and freezing water. Race from summit to summit and enjoy the most amazing scenery and the freshest air in the World.

This arctic race gives a refreshing breeze to swiftly growing Obstacle Course Racing scene. In a national park there is no scaffolding, the obstacles are mainly based on nature. There is running in deep snow, crawling in snow tunnels, climbing on ropes and diving in the hole in the ice.

In addition to the race squads there is a more relaxed Winter Warrior Challenge. The challenge is intended for those who want to challenge themselves alone or as a group but are not interested in competing or else want to take it a bit less serious.

Pallas-Yllästunturi National park logo
Finnish national parks are protected areas with unique natural features. We are priviledged to have the chance to race in the breathtaking landscape breathing the freshest air in the World. Because of that both organizers and racers are proud to follow the principles of sustainable nature tourism in the National Park.

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New race pictures

Our great photographer Poppis Suomela has returned from his amazing adventures and now we have more gorgeous race pics for you! You can find them here: https://poppis.kuvat.fi/kuvat/SPORT/Winterwarrior+2019/Find+yourself+and+your+friends/DSC_6875.jpg You are free to share, just remember to credit Poppis and tag us.

Race video

Race video 2019 is now released! Get a taste of the awesome race feeling here.

Samuli Salmenoja was the superior winner of this epic race

Winter Warrior Finland was once again a great event. 51 racers from 12 different countries ran in breathtaking scenery across the fells through a tough race with an amazing attitude. Every competitor most certainly earned their medal and can be extremely proud of their performance. However, the race is a competition and this time Samuli …